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OO Programming languages:

C# .NET. We have worked on numerous vacancies which require different expertise within this skills set. Developers for High Volume, low latency interactive services which use WCF SOA, ASP.NET MVC and sometimes Cloud and NoSQL. Also, .NET Developer with a Front-End focus, use of a CMS such as Sitecore or Episever. Developers with a focus on Windows Applications or Smart Client using WPF and Silverlight.

JAVA. Covering JEE, high transactional web systems using SOA or data driven back end systems requiring Multi-Threading

PHP. Standard Webforms through to advanced MVC driven architecture.

Web Developers

UI Developers: HTML CSS Javascript. Sometimes with OO Javascript, advanced use of Libraries

Developers with a focus on UX and Design

Support and Infrastructure

1st and 2nd line user support, Windows, Office, MAC

3rd Line Server and Network Engineers: Windows, UNIX, CISCO, Telecoms

Systems Administrators and DBA's: SQL SERVER, ORACLE

Senior Appointments

Project Managers

Business Analysts

Heads of Department